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Disability Claims & Medical Records Release

EASA and the EASA Center for Excellence are committed to participant privacy under HIPAA standards. Please send ALL records requests, for disability services and other purposes, to:

Multnomah County Mental Health
Attn: Christine Dale
421 SW Oak St. Suite 520
Portland, OR 97204

EASA Center for Excellence

The EASA Center for Excellence is part of the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health. The EASA Center for Excellence provides focused support for the development of early psychosis intervention through research, professional training and consultation, and national collaboration efforts.

To contact the EASA Center for Excellence team, please use this contact form.

Tamara Sale


Tamara Sale, MA
E-mail: salet@ohsu.edu

Ryan Melton

Clinical Director

Ryan Melton, PhD, LPC
E-mail: meltonry@ohsu.edu

Katie Hayden-Lewis

Rural Services Director

Katie Hayden-Lewis, MA, LPC, PhD
E-mail: haydenle@ohsu.edu

Tania Kneuer

Occupational Therapy Consultant

Tania Kneuer, OT/L
E-mail: kneuer@ohsu.edu

For information on the statewide alliance, please contact:

Jean Lasater, MA, CDT I&II
Oregon Health Authority Addictions & Mental Health Services
500 Summer Street NE, E86
Salem, OR 97301
Phone: 503-947-5538