About EASA

Grant, Gilliam, Morrow, & Wheeler Counties

Community Counseling Solutions - Grant, Gilliam, Morrow, and Wheeler Counties EASA
Grant County:
528 East Main St., Suite W
John Day, OR 97845
Main Office Phone: (541) 575-1466
Fax: (541) 575-1411
Gilliam County:
422 North Main St.
Condon, OR 97823
Main Office Phone: (541) 384-2666
Fax: (541) 384-3121
Morrow County:
104 SW Kinkade Ave.
Boardman, OR 97836
Main Office Phone: (541) 481-2911
Wheeler County:
PO Box 207
401 4th St.
Fossil, OR 97830
Main Office Phone: (541) 763-2746

Referrals for all counties: (541) 625-1623 to reach Katharine Campos

If you or someone you care about is having a mental health crisis, please call:

(541) 676-9161
Name Title Contact Info
Yao-Hui Huang EASA Supervisor

Phone: (541) 575-1466
E-mail: yao-hui.huang@gobhi.net

Thad Labhart Clinical Director

E-mail: thaddeus.labhart@gobhi.net

Katharine Campos, MSW Team Lead

Phone: (541) 625-1623
E-mail: katharine.campos@gobhi.net

Mayra Colin-Carrillo Therapist

E-mail: mayra.colin-carrillo@gobhi.net

Kara Pattinson, MD Psychiatrist

E-mail: kara.pattinson@gobhi.net

Catrina Webster Peer Support Specialist

E-mail: cwebster@gobhi.net