About EASA

Jackson County

Jackson County Mental Health - Jackson County EASA
1025 E Main St.
Medford, OR 97504
Main Office Phone: (541) 774-8201
Fax: (541) 774-7979

Referrals: (541) 770-7744 to reach Tricia Hibner

If you or someone you care about is having a mental health crisis, please call:

(541) 774-8201
Name Title Contact Info
Amy Buehler Children's Services Manager

Phone: (541) 770-7721
E-mail: buehlaa@jacksoncounty.org

Tawnya Soltis EASA and Transition Age Youth
Clinical Supervisor

Phone: (541) 770-7715
E-mail: SoltisTM@jacksoncounty.org

Tricia Hibner EASA and Transition Age Youth
Program Manager

Phone: (541) 770-7744
Email: hibnertr@jacksoncounty.org

Sheena Bisera Case Manager

Phone: (541) 774-7956
E-mail: BiseraSN@jacksoncounty.org

Sarah Beck Peer Support Specialist

E-mail: BeckSJ@jacksoncounty.org

Marie Poppa Supported Employment Specialist

Phone: (541) 774-7915
E-mail: PoppaMJ@jacksoncounty.org

Patti Andries Licensed Medical Professional

Phone: (541) 774-7910
E-mail: AndriePA@jacksoncounty.org

Christopher Robb Therapist

Phone: (541) 774-7966
E-mail: RobbCJ@jacksoncounty.org

Sharon Kellington Therapist

Phone: (541) 774-7904
E-mail: kellinSE@jacksoncounty.org

Shannon Hickman Nurse

Phone: (541) 774-8201
E-mail: HickmaSM@jacksoncounty.org