About EASA

Lane County

PeaceHealth Medical Group - Lane County EASA
1200 Hilyard Street, Suites 540 and 570
Eugene, OR 97401
Main Office Phone: (458) 205-7070
Fax: (
458) 205-7089

Referrals: (458) 205-7070

If you or someone you care about is having a mental health crisis, please visit your nearest Emergency Room.
For current Lane County EASA program clients experiencing crisis, please call:  

During buiness hours: (458) 205-7070
After-hours & weekends: (541) 510-5088
Name Title Contact Info
Carla Gerber, LCSW Behavioral Health Outpatient Services Manager

E-mail: cgerber@peacehealth.org

Corrina Falkenstein Clinical Supervisor

E-mail: cfalkenstein@peacehealth.org

Kristen Sweet, QMHP Therapist

Phone: (458) 205-7075
E-mail: ksweet@peacehealth.org

Keely Beach, QMHP Therapist

E-mail: kbeach2@peacehealth.org

Anne Kraft, LCSW Therapist

E-mail: akraft@peacehealth.org

Julia Smith, QMHP Therapist

E-mail: jsmith6@peacehealth.org

Tom Akins, LCSW, PMHNP Prescriber

Phone: (458) 205-7081
E-mail: takins2@peacehealth.org

Jessica Swensen, QMHP, OT Occupational Therapist

Phone: (458) 205-7083
E-mail: jswensen@peacehealth.org

Jeremy Clark Vocational and Educational Counselor

Phone: (458) 205.7076
E-mail: jclark3@peacehealth.org

Ally Styban-Lowery Vocational and Educational Counselor

Phone: (458) 205-7077
E-mail: astybaniewicz@peacehealth.org

Michael Haines Peer Support Specialist

Phone: (458) 205-7072
E-mail: mhaines@peacehealth.org

Debra Samano-Hopper, RN Nurse

Phone: (458) 205-7082
E-mail: dsamano-hopper@peacehealth.org