About EASA

Multnomah County

Multnomah Co. Mental Health & Addiction Services

West Gresham Plaza
2951 NW Division St., Suite 200
Gresham, OR 97030
Main Office Phone: (503) 988-3272
Fax: (503) 988-4680
Website: https://multco.us/mhas/easa

Referrals: (503) 988-3272

If you or someone you care about is having a mental health crisis, please call:

(503) 988-4888 or toll free 1-800-716-9769
Name Title Contact Info
Tracy Garell, LCSW Senior Manager, Direct Clinical Services

Phone: (503) 988-8768
E-mail: tracy.garell@multco.us

Christa Jones, Psy.D. EASA Program Supervisor

E-mail: christa.jones@multco.us
Phone: (503) 988-8202
Mobile: (503) 504-8803

Angela Petrjanos, LCSW Primary Screener and Team Lead

Phone: 503-572-1422
E-mail: angela.petrjanos@multco.us

Neil Falk, MD Psychiatrist

Messages: (503) 988-4888
E-mail: neil.falk@multco.us

Leigh Hedrick, MD Child Psychiatrist

Phone: (503) 988-4888
E-mail: leigh.hedrick@multco.us

Alexandra Rieman, MA Mental Health Consultant and Supported Employment Specialist

Phone: (503) 313-0084
E-mail: alexandra.rieman@multco.us

Tosha Bock Supported Employment Specialist

E-mail: tosha.bock@multco.us

Marrissa Gottlob, MOTR/L, QMHP Occupational Therapist

Phone: (971) 334-4059
E-mail: marrissa.gottlob@multco.us

Tim Casebeer Peer Support Specialist

Mobile: (971) 806-9607
E-mail: tim.casebeer@multco.us

Sali Borchman, RN Nurse

Phone: (503) 849-3365
E-mail: sali.j.borchman@multco.us

Yvette Davis, MSW, QMHP, CADC I, CRM Mental Health Consultant, African American Cultural Specialist

Cell: (503) 422-5640
E-mail: yvette.davis@multco.us

Keri Ault, LCSW Mental Health Consultant

Phone: 503-793-4677
E-mail: keri.l.ault@multco.us

Amanda Armstrong Office Assistant

Phone: (503) 988-2538
E-mail: amanda.armstrong@multco.us