About EASA

Washington County

LifeWorks NW - Washington County EASA
14600 NW Cornell Rd.
Portland, OR 97229
Main Office Phone: (503) 645-3581
Fax: (503) 629-8517

Referrals: 503-705-9999

If you or someone you care about is having a mental health crisis, please call:

If the person is already enrolled in EASA: (971) 244-4635
If the person is not enrolled in EASA: (503) 291-9111
Name Title Contact Info
Robert Ensign Service Area Director

E-mail: robert.ensign@lifeworksnw.org

Cara Sams, MA, LPC Program Director, EASA and TAYIS Programs, LifeWorks Northwest

Phone: (503) 641-1475 Ext. 1249
Mobile: (503) 536-5092
E-mail: cara.sams@lifeworksnw.org

Johanna Kaup Psychiatric Care Coordinator E-mail: johanna.kaup@lifeworksnw.org
Phone: (503) 645-3581 Ext. 5884

Christi Doud Service Coordinator E-mail: christi.doud@lifeworksnw.org

Shayna Crow Psychiatric Care Coordinator

E-mail: shayna.crow@lifeworksnw.org

Michelle Roberts Service Coordinator

E-mail: michelle.roberts@lifeworksnw.org

Deirdre Harris-Rundle, MS Service Coordinator E-mail: deirdre.harris-rundle@lifeworksnw.org

Eva Sripada, PMHNP Prescriber
Anna Deblois Supported Employment Supervisor

E-mail: anna.debois@lifeworksnw.org

Sarah Healy Supported Employment and Education Specialist

E-mail: sarah.healy@lifeworksnw.org
Mobile: (971) 334-4283

Jules Ehrlich Supported Housing and Living Skills Specialist

E-mail: julia.ehrlich@lifeworksnw.org

Natalie Cohrs Peer Support Specialist

E-mail: natalie.cohrs@lifeworksnw.org

Michelle DeOliveira, OTS, QMHP Occupational Therapist

Phone: (971) 727-7990
E-mail: michelle.deoliveira@lifeworksnw.org

Julie Nittler, RN Nurse

Phone: (503) 641-1475 Ext. 5726
Mobile: (971) 201-0635
E-mail: julie.nittler@lifeworksnw.org