Early Assessment and Support Alliance

Differential Diagnosis



Session 1 Slides

EASA Center for Excellence Clinical Driector, Dr. Ryan Melton, provides a four-part training series on Differential Diagnosis of Psychosis. This series gives an overview of the differential diagnosis process, approaches to it considering a client history of substance use and/or trauma, and presents strategies for initial engagement, and maintaining engagement, with individuals and families in early psychosis programs. You now can remotely earn CEUs from the Portland State University Graduate School of Social Work by watching the Differential Diagnosis Webinar Series! *The EASA Center for Excellence charges a $100 handling fee for CEUs awarded to non-EASA staff Step one: Watch the complete four-part series Step two: Take the online quiz to test your knowledge Step three: Once you pass the quiz, send $100 by check (made out to Portland State University), to EASA Center for Excellence, 1600 SW 4th Avenue Suite 900, Portland, OR 97201 Step four: Once we receive your passed exam and fee, we will send a certificate for CEUs to you within 5 business days.