About EASA

The Young Adult Leadership Council

Members of the Early Assessment & Support Alliance (EASA) Young Adult Leadership Council reflect upon their personal experiences with psychosis through storytelling, art, and music, and offer insight into future policy and interpersonal approaches to psychosis and related mental health issues.

(Graffiti on canvas, contributed by a Council member)

Uniting the voices and strengths of young adults and their allies to create a thriving community and a revolution of hope!

The Young Adult Leadership Council is a group of young people with lived experience and their allies. It is helping to shape the direction of EASA, emphasizing participatory decision-making and peer support. They seek to guide the direction of the EASA programs by:

  providing an experience of healing and growth

  creating an outlet for expression

  educating and supporting EASA participants and graduates

  responding to/ gathering and using feedback

  advocating for change

As of October 21st, 2015, they have updated their official housing policy which provides recommendations for policy makers and state/local program developers that are focused on how best to support the experiences of young adults transitioning into independent housing situations. In 2016 they released an official national policy platform that deliniates their recoomendations for the future of early psychosis intervention program development at the national level.

Also, they embarked on a letter writing campaign to members of the Senate HELP Committee, advocating for early intervention programs like EASA and support services for youth experiencing mental health challenges. Read some of their incredible stories.

They also created a hand-out with insight and advice on how to support teens and young adults experiencing psychosis.

If you're a young adult, participating is a great opportunity! On the Young Adult Leadership Council, you get to work with peers on creative projects. It will allow you to begin networking with other advisory groups and get involved with what you are interested in. There is an hourly stipend and travel reimbursements. If interested, fill out the application and send it to Michelle Owens, Young Adult Engagement Specialist, at owensmic@ohsu.edu.

As a member of the Council you gain great volunteer experience to build a resume. It could be a gateway to a job as well; the Council has had several job openings presented to them. The Council is always looking for new people, ideas, and projects. Join us and share what you have to offer!