Early Assessment and Support Alliance

Family and Friends Leadership Council


Leadership Council

The EASA Family & Friends Leadership Council (FFLC) brings families together to inform improvements to EASA Programs and to build strong advocacy for EASA in Oregon. Our Mission is to help families experience the excellence of EASA.

Early Assessment and Support Alliance

Join Other EASA Family and Friends 

Join other EASA family and friends statewide to make a difference for our family members! We meet every 3rd Thursday at 6:30pm Pacific Time (online).

What We Do

Powered with what we’ve learned through our experiences in EASA, we meet regularly to:


  • Recommend improvements to EASA
  • Promote initiatives to help families and supporters
  • Advocate for EASA in Oregon

We work on projects that

  • Enhance support for families and friends during their involvement in EASA
  • Promote appropriate communication about EASA to potential clients and their families
  • Improve the process of transitioning out of EASA
  • Encourage community support for individuals and their families

There are two ways to connect

  • Stay informed through the Family & Friends Connections Email Group
  • Apply to join our Leadership Council – we currently meet virtually once per month.