Early Assessment and Support Alliance

EASA Young Adult Leadership Council

Shaping the Direction of EASA

Decision-Making and Peer Support

The Young Adult Leadership Council is a group of young people with lived experience and their allies. It is helping to shape the direction of EASA, emphasizing participatory decision-making and peer support.

Healing and Growth

Providing an experience of healing and growth


Responding to/ gathering and using feedback

Educating and Supporting

Educating and supporting EASA participants and graduates


Creating an outlet for expression

Early Assessment and Support Alliance

Interested in Joining?

If you’re a young adult, participating is a great opportunity! On the Young Adult Leadership Council, you get to work with peers on creative projects. It will allow you to begin networking with other advisory groups and get involved with what you are interested in. There is an hourly stipend and travel reimbursements. 

If interested, please contact our EASA Youth Engagement Specialist Tim Casebeer: casebeet@ohsu.edu or call (503) 706-0645