Early Assessment and Support Alliance

Mike’s Letter to the Senate HELP Committee

Dear Chair and Members of the Senate HELP Committee,

It is with great pleasure that I write you this letter. Being a young adult has plenty of obstacles on its own and with the added challenges of having a mental health diagnosis. EASA has been an integral part in understanding and living in an environment that is different from the mainstream society. With the counsel of a handful of individuals I was given the confidence and tools to cope with an otherwise detrimental condition, and allowed the comfort to be happy with who I am.

EASA has provided me with both the emotional and financial stability that prevented me from what the program calls “falling through the cracks”; becoming homeless and/or relying on illicit substances. Without an organization such as EASA, I fear I would currently lack the independence I have gained through their assistance. More specifically, I feel I would’ve more heavily relied on family or state resources to get through daily struggles. EASA is a necessity for a stigmatized population and will give a voice to those affected. I want to thank you for your time and consideration of programs like EASA that help our nation’s youth.